What Business Analyst Salary Can You Expect?

Business Analyst Salary

All the various salary reporting websites have different averages on how much a business analyst salary will be. Here are a few below:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: $78,600 (2012)
  • Payscale: $58,472
  • Indeed: $76,000
  • Glassdoor: $65,991

And when it comes to which companies pay the most, according to Glassdoor, these are the top five:

  1. Triple Point Technology: $121,206
  2. Mitchel/Martin: $115,536
  3. Princeton Information: $108,656
  4. Roche Diagnostics: $106,362
  5. PespiCo: $104,620

As with every career path, the more experience and education you have the higher your salary as a business analyst will be. For instance, the International Institute of Business Analysts(IIBA) found in their research that those who complete the Certified Business Analyst Professional ™ (CBAP) receive a 10 percent Business Analyst salary increase as a result.

Various Business Analyst Salary Per Career Path

There is a wide variety of career paths you could take to increase your pay and could improve your work/life balance. Listed below are a few Business Analyst positions you could pursue and their pay:

Type National Salary Cities That Pay Above Avg. Salary
Business Analyst (IT) $68,680
  1. San Francisco (+25%)
  2. New York (+17%)
  3. Los Angeles (+14%)
  4. Charlotte (+11%)
Business Analyst Finance $60,346
  1. New York (+29%)
  2. Boston (+17%)
Senior Business Analyst $84,977
  1. New York (+18%)
  2. San Francisco (+15%)
  3. Washington (+9%)
  4. Boston (+8%)
Business Systems Analyst $67,633
  1. San Francisco (+37%)
  2. San Jose (+18%)
  3. Boston (+16%)
  4. Atlanta (+15%)
  5. New York (+14%)

Of course, the more you continue to upgrade your resume with added experience and certification accomplishments, the higher your chances of earning a more attractive Business Analyst salary will be. It’d therefore be a wise idea to continue taking courses that will enable you remain relevant and competitive in your field. However, if you decide to work as an independent or freelance business analyst, your salary can either be less or more than what the average employed BA earns for, only your hard-work can determine your paycheck.

Opportunities for Working Professionals Interested in a Business Analyst Career

If interested in a well paying Business Analyst salary if deciding to switch careers, but lack enough experience, it’s a good idea to seek and identify any transferable skills and/or experiences you have if you happen to be a working professional on a different career path. Mentioning that in your resume will help you get a foot in the door so that you can start earning right away. This way, your starting salary is bound to be a little higher than that of your fellow colleagues especially if your former career is somewhat related. In a nutshell, it’s clear that business analysts is a great paying career option making it worth getting into.

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