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Business Analyst Job Interview

Common Business Analyst Interview Questions

After doing the hard labor of sending out numerous business analyst job applications, you have finally been invited to attend an interview. Congratulations! Through the interview, you can prove your competence and get the job….

Business Analyst Cover Letter

How to Write a Great Business Analyst Cover Letter

A business analyst cover letter is a short three-quarter page memo (or email) that summarizes your professional qualifications, objectives and background, and explains how you can help the hiring company achieve its business goals. As…


What is the SWOT Analysis Technique?

SWOT analysis (also called TOWS Analysis) is a structured outside-in inside-out planning technique for evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a business venture (project). When an organization seeks to boost its performance,…

Software for Business Analysts

Top Software for Business Analysts

Business analysts use software tools to boost efficiency and productivity. The software used by business analysts are specially packaged for specific functions and job types, making the accomplishment of the jobs a lot easier. While…

Business Analyst Job Seekers

Tips for Business Analyst Job Seekers

Are you an aspiring business analyst (BA) and/or are looking for a job in the business analytic field? If yes, you probably already know that finding a job as a BA is never an easy…

business analyst job description

Business Analyst Job Description

A business analyst job description is widely known for improving a company’s performance and competitiveness in various ways. As such, their key purpose is to address the company challenges and solve its problems by constantly…

Business Analyst Courses

What Are Some Business Analyst Courses?

Business analyst courses are designed to produce professionals who are capable of mapping out business obstacles, analyzing business needs, managing project teams and implementing changes in order to drive businesses forward. Competent business analysts identify…